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Hoi An has long been a cultural crossroad. More than five centuries ago the Vietnamese nation of Dai Viet expanded its territory southwards, encroaching on the Indianized Kingdom of Champa, which covered much of what is now central Viet Nam.

Hoi An was built on the banks of the Thu Bon river and used to be a transit maritime port in the 10th century. The town became known for excellent quality bamboo curtains and rattan. For a long time it used to be an important commercial centre and South-East Asia's major international trading port: especially the natural silk is usually home-made. After the 15th century, the merchant ships from many countries like China, Holland, Britain, Japan, Portugal, France, and Indonesia… stopped here for purchasing silk, pottery, tea, pepper and lacquer ware… Hoi An has been well preserved.

Parts of Hoi An look exactly as they did in centuries past and the town retains the old world feel. With its narrow streets and quaint mix of architecture, picturesque Hoi An is a favorite with many foreign visitors. Visitors may have much interest in the structure of old houses made of hard wood, decorated with lacquered boards and panels engraved with Chinese characters and Japanese characters, like the old Chinese Pagodas and the famous Temple Bridge built in 1593 by the Japanese.

It is very interesting to go for a walk along the narrow streets to the Hoi An market, which is filled with wares from as far afield as India and Europe. Colorful guildhalls, founded by ethnic Chinese from Guangdong and Fujian provinces, stand quietly, a testament to the town's trading roots.

Hoi An, the third site in Viet Nam recognized for its World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, boasts 194 historical sites including 87 pagodas, temples and communal houses, 82 ancient tube-shaped houses, 24 ancient wells and an ancient tiled bridge.

Hoi An is a big attraction now for thousand of tourists to get away from the crowded streets of Da Nang.

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