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At one time Dalat was an ideal holiday retreat, set amongst the low hills of the Central Highlands. It was originally founded in 1897 by Alexander Yersin and Dalat city was established in 1912. The city served as a hill station for the French trying to escape the heat of the plains and delta. The city enjoys a year round spring like climate and this lovely setting and ideal climate have made the city a hit with domestic and foreign tourists alike.

Dalat has a charming French district behind the Rap 3-4 cinema, which is well worth exploring. This is also where a number of the hotels are situated. In the centre of town there is a large fresh produce market which sells some of the nicest strawberries (when in season) that you can ever hope to taste!

Dalat is also the centre of kitsch in Vietnam. Keep an eye out for the Dalat Cowboys, who ride around the town on horseback. You an also take a ride on a swan boat in the lake or buy one of the dozens of tacky trinkets on sale in the market.

Dalat has a lot worth visiting, especially if you are into kitsch. Dalat has the only eighteen hole golf course in Vietnam, and anyone can play a round there! A few hours could quite easily be spent riding bikes around the lake a stopping off at the interesting sights near it. The Botanical gardens also offers a lovely place to hang out.

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