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Ho Chi Minh
The Mekong delta
The Central Highlands
Vung Tau
Phu Quoc
Da Lat
Phan Thiet
Nha Trang
Cham Holysee of Myson
Hoi An
Da Nang
Ha Long
Ha Noi

Vietnam's bustling cities, friendly people and overwhelming beauty of nature will leave an enduring impression on visitors. During the last few years the infrastructure has improved and Viet Nam is now really a first - class destination. Travelers in Viet Nam will enjoy good service and hospitality in an environment much less affected by the ravages of long - term mass tourism.

Bordered by China, Laos and Cambodia, Viet Nam is a harmony of diverse cultures and ethnic groups in various beautiful landscapes.
The northern region combines a beautiful rural scenery and strong traditional roots was shown evidently in the many pagodas and continuing practice of old trades in Hanoi's Ancient Quarter.

Central Viet Nam offers an insight into Vietnam's rich historical past which can be seen in Hue, the former imperial capital, in Da Nang, home to the ancient Cham civilization and in Hoi An, one of the country's oldest towns.

The development of modern Viet Nam can be seen in Ho Chi Minh City, formerly "Sai Gon", as it is still commonly known, where entrepreneurial zeal fuels the economy and offers a realistic depiction of the new Viet Nam.

Vietnam's tourism infrastructure continues developing and today visitors are offered comfortable travel options and international standard accommodation.
Within the past year, we have witnessed a noticeable reduction in hotel rates along with an increased selection of international standard hotel ranging from 3 to 5 - star deluxe properties. Viet Nam now also boasts of 4 and 5-star resort properties dotted along the unspoiled coastline where visitors can enjoy beautiful tropical weather and warm water on stretches of white - powder sand beaches.

With Da Nang as the third international gateway, visitors can now fly directly from Bangkok or Hong Kong to the central region and explore its fascinating cultural sites or relax on China Beach. A new hydrofoil service between Ho Chi Minh City and Phnom Penh is expected to operate before the end of the year reconnecting two old capitals of Indochina.

Today, Viet Nam is better known as an attractive tourist destination in Southeast Asia. In Viet Nam, visitors will have an authentic cultural experience while enjoying world class service and comfort.

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